Document Managment Solution


A Document Management Solution allows you to capture, manage, store, retrieve, search and print documents all from a single point/application. It consolidates and expedites the management of data thus becoming a central repository for data no matter the format

MAXnet-IS DocuWare partner

MAXnet Information Systems LLC are Regional Gold Partners of DocuWare, and are authorized by DocuWare to conduct sales, implementation, and after sales support of DocuWare Enterprise Content Management solution.

why DocuWare ?

DocuWare is a world leading and awards wining Document Management System. DocuWare enables any size organization - in any industry - to transform documents into valuable capital. Regardless of format or source, DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents. Documents are readily available, where and when needed; one search quickly locates related documents. Whether as an on-premise or as a cloud solution, DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management. DocuWare's solutions are highly secure and scalable, flexible to integrate and use future-proof technologies. Projects with DocuWare offer a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DocuWare is ISO Certified, FDA Compliant and rated 5-Star by Buyers Lab Inc. (BLI). DocuWare (founded 1988) ranks among the world`s leading Document Management software companies. The company operates worldwide from Germering near Munich and from New Windsor, New York with subsidiaries in the UK, Spain and France. Its products are available in 70 countries and 16 languages to over 100,000 users in approximately 10,000 installations.

Benefits of DMS

  • GAIN time

    With your average filling system, it's not uncommon for documents to be stored in the wrong place and impossible to find , an outstanding average of 30 to 40 percent of an office worker's is spent looking for information by haunting.

  • get mobile

    Much of today's workforce spends a portion of thier time working on route , mobile access to document and information via laptop, tablet and smart phone is increasingly critical and adds genuine value

  • save paper, space & money

    stacks of papers and rooms filled with files cabinets often clutter the work enviroment and are alot more expensive than digital document filing.

  • Eliminate Mistakes

    in worst case scenarios , poor information management can lead to document loss, non compliance with gerverment guidelines and retention requirements ,these costly and time-staeling issues are completely automated with DMS.

  • Perfect your email Management

    the mojority of business-related correspondence is now handled via email DMS makes it easy to setup optimal email orginazion.

  • Rev up business process

    whether it's an authorization, proposal reminder , or any other process in need of decision digital document base workflows aer only faster , they are more reiable than the paper based variety.